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Purdey 10yrs

Spayed bitch who has lived with her 2yr daughter but the two bitches were fighting. She is at present in a foster home. Recall 50 /50 She is not used to mixing with many dogs.

Willow 6yrs


Spayed bitch living with a 3 yr old child and a chihuahua. Willow is being rehomed as her owners are now working full time and she does not like being left and will bark. Willow has good recall, good with other dogs when out, and is good in the car..


Bonnie 7yr Monty3+

 Bonnie & Monty are being rehomed due to a change of circumstances. and are being left all day with neighbours coming in to let them out. They are both neutered. They are not used to young children nor have they lived with cats Bonnie will bark at other dogs when on the lead but is not aggressive. She is on Incurin tablets for incontinence. Monty is wary of small black dogs as he was attacked as a puppy but does not fight Both dogs walk on haltis and have good recall. Monty has a habit of mouthing but not aggressively.

Rocco 2+

An entire dog who has already been privately rehomed.  and has only been with his present owners for about 6 months, He is being rehomed as both his owners will be working full time. When the assessor entered the house he was quiet and didn't bark, and was very placid. Rocco has become very attached to John and does not interact with Jane who is wary of him & the dog is picking up & will snarl at her (owner's words) but showed no signs when left with the assessor & Jane. When out walking he ignored a dog on the other side of the road & sat when another dog was coming towards him and totally ignored a dog that was walking towards him, he sat when told & let the dog pass. He is good small dogs but can be wary of larger dogs.Rocco has good recall He can get very distressed when John goes to work despite the fact that Jane works from home. Rocco needs an experienced owner who can train him to be confident around larger dogs 

Ozzy 7+

A castrated dog is being rehomed due to his owner's change of circumstances. He walks well on the lead and is not reactive to joggers cyclists etc  Ozzy has good recall but he can be wary of entire males and will stand his ground with dogs that try to hump him or are over-enthusiastic. He does not appreciate dogs charging into him. However, he does not go looking for trouble and is happiest running around on his own and he loves swimming. His dog walker takes him out with her entire male Weimaraner and he is fine.

He can be left for several hours without being destructive He is good with children of all age

Mika 8yr


 Mika spayed bitch who is being rehomed as she is wary of the 2 yr old child and her owners are expecting another child. She has learned to guard when strangers come to the house & will bark & grumble but doesn't follow through... She will also bark at people passing the house  She will pull on the lead and is mainly walked off lead to heel & was not reactive to dogs that she passed. She was fine with a young puppy she met & was happy to interact until the pup became too boisterous and retreated back to her owner. Mika was much happier with the assessor entering the house after her walk and she was able to stroke her.. She ignores the young child she lives with and has lived with a cat in the past. Due to a slight incontinence problem, and has been prescribed Incurin tablets. Mika can be left and is not destructive She needs an experienced home with someone who will train her to relax around visitors. She is not an aggressive dog.


Zena 2yrs & Rocco 6 mths.

An entire bitch and her pup are being rehomed due to changes in circumstances. The dogs are used to visiting grandchildren from 4-7yrs but have not lived with cats  Zena can be anxious when she first meets people & appears to lack confidence but fine once she gets to know you Loves to play with other dogs. Rocco typical bouncy puppy  He is crate trained. Both dogs live with a small dog.

Lexi 6yrs


A spayed bitch who is being rehomed due to her owner having a 2 yr old child and not having the time to exercise her. 

She can be overprotective of her owner which has resulted in her nipping but she does not follow through. Due to this behaviour she was sent away for training where it would appear roughly handled

Prior to her owner's present relationship, Lexi was used to a very active life Her recall is not 100% but she is good with general commands and was very attentive to her owner's commands She has played well with dogs of her own size but is not keen on small dogs. She loves her ball and swim Good in the car and can be left.

When the assessor visited Lexi was in the garden and was jumping up at the window but not in an aggressive manner more excitement. When let into the room she was slightly nervous but after a few minutes came over and the assessor stroked her and put her head under the assessor's hand when she had stopped stroking her. Lexi craves affection and needs to go on a diet.


Milo 4mths.

 Milo lives in Ireland and was returned to his breeder due to his owner becoming seriously ill.

Ideally looking for a home in Ireland 






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