The Club Committee discussed this matter at a recent meeting after it was reported that some Weimaraner breeders were charging an exorbitant £2,500 - £3000 -4,000 for their puppies. After much discussion, the Committee decided that £950 - £1250 is a fair price range and anything more and the breeder would need to easily justify the extra cost. Given that some of the top breeders in the country, both show, and work, don't charge more for their pups, we can't see how other breeders can demand more for their pups. 

Update March 2021

Over the last year, I have had numerous calls and emails asking me if I know of any litters. I am not alone. I know that the secretaries of all the other breed clubs have experienced the same, as have breeders. In fact, there has been a huge demand for dogs of all breeds. And on the back of this demand, the price has skyrocketed, with some greedy breeders asking £3000 + or more. sometimes for an unregistered puppy. This has led to the frightening escalation of dog thefts, with reports of dog nappers hanging around parks with the intention of grabbing the much-loved family pet. Now I read that owners are buying reinforced leads and collars, personal alarms, and sprays to arm themselves when they take their pet for a walk. This is a result of the greeders and the idiots who pay the inflated prices

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Please Note:

A pedigree certificate does not guarantee Kennel Club registration.

The Kennel Club Registration Certificates are buff coloured and A4 size, this has a section called Transfer of Ownership to be completed by the new owner, which should be returned to the Kennel Club.

This documentation should be handed to you when you collect your puppy.

 There are an enormous number of "puppy farmers" operating in this breed and some of their litters are not registered at the Kennel Club – only a five generation pedigree is given.


A Kennel Club Registration Certificate is essential if you wish to show or work your dog.

  1. Breeders must be members of the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain for the last two consecutive years.
  2. The Breeder will ensure that both the Sire and Dam of the litter are fully registered at the Kennel Club.
  3. The Breeder will ensure that every effort is made to place the puppies into suitable homes and will not sell to dealers or pet shops and will not sell puppies under the age of seven weeks.
  4. The Breeder will register the litter at the Kennel Club and with the Club Secretary.
  5. The Breeder will ensure that every puppy buyer is provided with a signed pedigree (three or more generations), and K.C. registration certificate at the time of collection or within six weeks of purchase.
  6. The Breeder will ensure that every puppy buyer is supplied with a diet and care sheet.
  7. The Breeder will ensure that the litter has been properly wormed at least twice prior to seven weeks of age.
  8. The Breeder will recommend that the buyer takes the puppy to a veterinary surgeon within three days of purchase for a health check and vaccination advice. Should a defect be detected the breeder will either exchange the puppy, offer a full refund or agree a mutual compromise.
  9. The Breeder will not part with any puppy with its registration papers if the puppy deviates seriously from the breed standard or shows signs of a serious hereditary defect.
  10. The Breeder will be encouraged to take responsibility for any Weimaraner bred by themselves which is in need of re-housing.
  11. The Breeder will be encouraged to list their litter free of charge on the Club website
  12. Details required for the Puppy List:
    1. Date of birth or expected date of birth of the litter
    2. The number of each sex
    3. The name of the Sire
    4. The name and date of birth of the Dam
    5. Whether this is her first, second or third litter
    6. The date of birth of her previous litter(s) if this is not her first one.