Medical Detection Dogs, a charity which trains dogs to save lives using their incredible sense of smell, will increase its pawprint around the UK thanks to a significant amount of support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to alert people with complex health conditions when they are in danger of having a potentially life-threatening episode so they can take the necessary action and prevent hospital admission.

People of all ages are partnered with the medical alert dogs and having them by their side gives them back their confidence, independence and quality of life.

During the 1990s the use of raised bowls for dogs became popular. It was felt that it helped larger dogs and older dogs reach the food etc, and it was also thought to reduced incidence of bloat as it was believed the dog swallowed less air, a possible causal factor in bloat. 

Not surprisingly, it became very popular with owners of large and giant breeds prone to bloat and GDV (gastric dilatation-volvulus). But research published by Glickman (2000) of Purdue University indicated a link between using the raised bowls and bloat. The sale of raised bowls has continued and some manufacturers still use the ‘reduce the risk of bloat’claim on their advertising literature.  Should we use them or not?

Allyson Tohme writes about her experiences with her first Weimaraner. The article appeared in Weimaraner News Summer 2005, published by the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain

Tickners Esel UDex WDex TDex.

My first Weimaraner was bought after researching the breed via books and magazines, visiting a well known breeder or two and then phoning around to see what was available. Like most new owners I wanted one now and was pointed in the direction of a 4 month old pup hundreds of miles away who turned out to be a week short of 6 months old with whom I fell immediately in love.

On point

WCGB Dedito Grouse Pointing Test 2 August 2014 at Scargill & Gilmonby Moors, North Yorks, by kind permission of Mike Ainsley & Host Dario Martina.

 WCGB Member & Sponsor, Dario Martina was largely responsible for making the Jubilee Grouse pointing test go with such a bang last year.

 He wanted to make it an annual event, in memory of his older Weimaraner Dodi (Dedito) who made it possible for Dario to access the grouse moors of North Yorkshire. And so we began to plan this year's Dedito GrousePointing Test




The day went well supported by Weimaraners from Somerset, to Kent and all the way up to Yorkshire - 3 Juniors and 10 Adults filled the card.

Conditions were in stark contrast to last year's windless heatwave. This weather favoured the dogs, although the handlers had to adopt a 'layering' approach to clothing. as the temperatures went from baking to thunderstorms and high winds within a minute.


A 'test' can be off - putting to handlers not used to running under those conditions and who would otherwise not have come to take the opportunity. To encourage the unconfident and inexperienced, there was also a Keeper's Choice Dedito Trophy on offer, judged by Keeper Mike Ainsley and his underkeepers, as well as Roy, the Keeper at neighbouring Barningham and last year's host.

coming up on point 2


All the dogs had opportunities on grouse, and judges Costas Wilkinson and Rory Major awarded a Junior dog a 'Good' grading - Adrian Morgan handling his & Sally Morgan's Ignaheim's Bolt toParhelis, and Adult 'Excellent' grading to Julie Turner and Quadet Dargo at Rockleyan. 



The Keepers huddled for a deep discussion while they sheltered in the lunch hit from the ragoinhg deluge outside, and decided on the Morgan's dog Bolt for the Dedito Trophy.


Dario's company, and John both generously sponsored the Keepers' prize and Judges' gifts, and Goody Bags for all the competitors. Sporting Saints sponsored prizes and vouchers for the 3 Junior dogs.


The raffle raised £50 for Rescue and Rehoming  - not bad for our small group.



Local photographer David Williams was unobtrusive all day, capturing the action. He has kindly supplied the images here, and all images from the day can be viewed on and purchased from under the 'Field Sports' heading Weimaraner - Dedito GrousePointing Trial - 2nd August 2014


Thanks to everyone on the field trial sub-committee, sponsors, photographer, host and officials , as well as the sporting competitors, who made this day possible and enjoyable

Suzi Burton

WCGB Field Trial Secretary 


The amended Dangerous Dogs Act comes into effect in England and Wales on 13 May 2014.

This law applies to all dog owners no matter what size or breed, whether your pet is a Chihuahua,

a Cockapoo or a Collie cross.

click here for more information


WARNING there have been a number of cases recently of two men attempting to steal gundogs and in some cases successfully!

Please be vigilent when out walking your dog, never tether a dog out side while shopping or leave dogs in a garden unattended. Ensure outdoor kennels are secure and locked.

Please report any suspicious circumstances to the police immediately

by Suzi Burton

Rabbit retrieve July 2012I have been asked many times why I didn’t have Chyna put to sleep. Over the last year or so she has gone from winning awards at Open field trials through chronic illness, glaucoma and blindness.

But the thing about my Chyna is her unwavering determination to get on with life with a happiness and optimism that is just inspiring.

Only twice since she became ill at just aged 4 years, did I think about the option of euthanasia – once right at the beginning when diagnosis was slow and she was clearly in pain, and latterly when her eyes became so painful that she became almost bedridden. Both times were the only indications from her that her life was draining of quality. Throughout all the other ups and downs, she never felt sorry for herself and so I resolved not to feel sorry for her either, but to go along with her as long as she wanted to fight on.